Remedies for cats

ThomasOur older cat, Thomas, has diabetes. He is also anemic. The vet suspects cancer or an auto immune problem.

We are now giving Thomas 5 units of insulin twice a day. For the anemia we are giving him as much liver as he wants to eat.

I am looking for some alternative treatments that could be used as adjunct therapies.

For example, with regard to diabetes, cinnamon has been getting some very good reviews. It mimics insulin and is available as a common spice. If that is a good remedy, how much and how often?

Fenugreek also has some good reviews. However, it can lead to stomach and intestinal problems.

I do not want something that is contraindicated for cats or will work against the insulin.

Glucose tolerance factor chromium makes cells more receptive to insulin. How much should be given to a cat based on weight and health?

It seems that many diabetics are low on Magnesium. Would some extra magnesium help (although it also has laxative properties).

Another approach that hits both problems is Maitake extract. Maitake extract seems to have blood sugar leveling properties And it also seems to be effective against cancer. It helps to induce proper cell death.

Turmeric seems to have good cancer reducing properties.

Vitamin E and selenium do well together to work against free radicals.

Vitamin D3 shows promise against colon cancer.

What is a good tool to measure proper amounts and where can I go to get the correct amounts for a cat based on weight and health conditions?

Thanks for your interest and information.

Neal Lewis

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