More Thoughts on cat health

One of the things that is very frustrating in conventional medicine for people or cats, is the medical profession’s desire to keep their “blinders” on. By that I mean to say that most, M.D.’s and D.V.M’s, (and others in the medical community) do not appear to be willing to look at diet, and “non-traditional” therapies.

This is true even if they are accepted in other cultures and have long traditions. To be fair, a large number of patients and pet owners only want pills, surgery, and fast solutions.

What I am looking for are D.V.M.’s (especially, since this is for Thomas our cat) who are willing to look at prayer, herbs, vitamins, minerals, mushroom extracts, and diet to help change things such as diabetes, anemia, and cancer.

The non-traditional therapies can result in very fast, or more often, very gradual changes. The thing that I am trying to figure out is how to sort the “wheat from the chaff” in terms of those who have advice. It is just as bad to fall into the hands of a person who is pushing error as truth, or whose primary goal is to make money off people who are in need.

That being said, when one steps outside the boundaries of “orthodox” medical treatment, one has to chose based, not on certainty, but on the best available evidence.

If you know of D.V.M.’s that have an open mind and can and do give good advice, let me know and I will follow up and post what I find.

Thank you for your help.

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